COVID19 Update for Employees: April 15

COVID19 Update for Employees: April 15

Wed Apr 15, 2020 at 04:11 PM


As the college navigates and adapts to working remotely, the Marketing & Communications Department would like to try a new way to get our departmental messaging out there. We will begin interviewing departments via Zoom and record our sessions to use the video as updates on social media and to promote the college.

Examples of what your departmental or division update can include are:

  • What your staff is doing to adjust and serve our students and campus remotely
  • Any important information or changes everyone should know about specific to your department during altered operations
  • Words of encouragement to our colleagues and students, etc.

Our main goal is to remind everyone we’re still here and keep our students and community as connected as possible. We will be using these videos on social media and possibly featured in a commercial, so be camera ready! We’re looking forward to seeing you online and sharing your message.

If you’d like your department featured, email to setup a Zoom call. We’ll also be reaching out to certain areas to be featured, so think about who you’d like to go on camera for your updates.


Below are two instances that have recently been reported by Brazoria County as scams. Similar to remaining alert for cybersecurity, we also need to be cautious when people are approaching our homes during the county’s stay at home order.

  1. A group of people impersonating Brazoria County Road & Bridge personnel are trying to charge to pave personal driveways. These individuals are not County personnel. County employees have ID's, uniforms with a County Seal and will be driving County vehicles.
  2. There are reports of individuals trying to gain access into resident's homes by saying they are with the city to test people's water for COVID-19. This is a scam. These individuals are also asking the resident to fill out a form that asks for personal information, such as social security numbers. Do not allow them in your home or provide any information.

The county is encouraging all residents to report suspicious activity immediately to your local police department.