How did we arrive at our QEP topic? A two year-long process that involved extensive work guided by a diverse twenty-one member committee. The first step involved a review of statistical data from a wide variety of sources. To provide context for the data the committee arranged a number of  feedback sessions to hear from the campus community. The combination of quantitative and qualitative data pointed the College toward development of the QEP focus. Campus engagement included; eleven focus groups of students, staff and faculty (August 2014), Convocation discussions (August 2014), student sticky wall feedback (August 2015), five Town Halls with students, faculty and staff and community members (September 2014), five focus groups with 18-21 year old part time students (October 2014), an online survey (October 2014), and three Town Halls with faculty, staff and students to solicit feedback on ACE it plans (June 2015), conversations with the Board of Regents during their annual planning council, discussions with the Brazosport College Foundation Board, and drew direction from employees during the 2015 fall convocation.

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