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The ACE It Story

ACE It was created as part of the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) initiative that began in 2013 at Brazosport College. The QEP Committee was appointed to research student outcome data, achievement data, and College processes and practices in order to identify the most important, potentially transformative opportunity to improve the quality of student learning and student success at our College.

Using data collected from student sticky wall question/answer boards, town halls, focus groups and online surveys, the message was clear: Brazosport College student learning and achievement would be increased by an expansion in educational advising, communication and student support systems.

The framework for ACE It emerged.

In early 2016, ACE It was appointed a director, Sasha Tarrant, who co-chaired the QEP Committee. During the next few months an administrative professional and five part-time dedicated ACE It coaches were hired and then trained in the QEP.

In the Fall of 2016, 17 faculty and staff were trained as ACE It coaches and by Spring of 2017, ACE It piloted the program with the first group of students and ACE It coaches. During the Summer of 2017, the ACE It team focused on evaluating experiences during the pilot and redesigned portions of the ACE It process and much of the coach training. In the Fall of 2017, coach training was suspended after Hurricane Harvey hit the Houston metropolitan area. The ACE It team focused on supporting students and colleagues impacted by the flood and fine-tuning the training during this time. By the Spring of 2018, 36 additional faculty and staff were trained. Training in the Fall of 2018 will continue with 40 additional trainees and by Spring, ACE It will be at full-scale, adding 53 faculty and staff as ACE It coaches.

The ACE It Mission

The ACE It program supports Brazosport College’s mission for student success. Through a structured and collaborative mentoring relationship, students will become empowered to take responsibility for developing their education and career goals.

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