Disability Services offers sign language interpreter and transcription services for academic purposes to qualified students registered with the department.

Sign Language Interpreter Services

Disability Services has sign language interpreters on staff and can contract with additional interpreters as needed. DS employs certified interpreters who are able to offer sign language interpreting in ASL, PSE, and English. DS also offers oral interpreting.


 Scope of Sign Language Interpreter

Sign language interpreters and transcriptionists are provided, to qualified students registered with the Department of Disability Services, for access in the classroom and during other assignments related to their required course work at no additional cost to the student and/or department. 


Non-academic Sign Language Interpreter

Requests for sign language interpreting services for non-academic programs or events should be directed to, and handled by, the sponsoring entity. Disability Services can provide information on local interpreter service agencies in the area to the sponsoring entity.