Student Services & Community Resources

Student Services

The mission of the Bill & Julia May Children’s Center is to meet the needs of the BC student body along with those of faculty and staff; and to raise the quality of childcare in the community. They provide a nurturing, caring and developmentally-appropriate educational setting for children in the center and serves as a model for excellence in training childcare professionals through a creative and interactive training program informing and empowering families and the community on how to support children’s cognitive, language, social, emotional and physical development while providing a safe and healthy environment. They also demonstrate the advantages of promoting inclusion of children with special needs.   


2. Brazosport College Foundation
The Brazosport College Foundation office awards scholarships to incoming students, and continuing students. The mission is to raise and administer funds for the enhancement of educational opportunities at Brazosport College. Scholarships are available and are awarded according to the criteria the benefactor outlined when establishing the scholarship. The Brazosport College Foundation transforms students' lives and the area economy by leveraging community resources to provide each individual an equal opportunity for an education and to assist the college and its students in attainment of their educational goals.

Our mission at the Community Education is to offer quality programs that will benefit you with entry level career skills, enable you to upgrade your current skills, and provide personal enrichment to your life. We offer a variety of career programs in areas such as healthcare education, web design, and other computer technologies. We also offer free classes to prepare you for your GED, as well as, ESL classes to help you learn English. In addition to career training we offer personal enrichment programs such as painting, ceramics, photography, sewing, music, and much more. Community Education registration is on-going year round.
4. Counseling Center
The counselors are dedicated to providing the support and guidance that students need to reach their educational objectives. Enrolled or prospective students are encouraged to visit with a counselor for assistance with academic advisement that might include exploring majors and setting educational goals, assistance with college placement tests, academic or technical course planning, and help with university transfer questions. Counselors are trained to provide additional services for students with disabilities, single parents, and students seeking veteran’s benefits. These services also include short-term personal crisis counseling and utilize a variety of referral resources both on campus and in the community to enhance student success.
5. Disability Services
The Disabilities Services Office provides support services for students with disabilities to remove obstacles to their education in order to promote their maximum academic potential, participation in the college experience, and self-sufficiency.  Based on the belief that all students should be assured equal access and opportunity, the Disabilities Services Office strives to eliminate physical, instructional, and attitudinal barriers by providing reasonable accommodations and fostering awareness within the Brazosport College community.
6. Financial Aid
Financial Aid is available for students who, without assistance, would not be able to afford college.  While the family and student are expected to assume a major responsibility for the costs associated with attending a degree or certificate program at Brazosport College, there are resources available to supplement their efforts.  The role financial aid plays in paying for a student's higher education exists only when there is a gap between school costs and the ability of the family to pay - not their willingness to pay. 
7. Fitness Loft
The Fitness Loft offers free membership to all students attending Brazosport College to encourage health and fitness in the lives of students.  We have a wide variety of fitness equipment to meet students’ needs including weight machines, free weights, treadmills, ellipticals, and more.
8. Gator Career and Guidance Center
The Gator Career and Guidance Center supports student's success by providing students and alumni with the tools necessary to bridge education with employment while promoting lifelong career development. Individuals can get assistance with applications (employment, college, and financial aid), resume writing, critiques, and revisions, and other career services. Our goal is to ensure that the students are well informed and well prepared to make satisfying career choices. We also assist with transfer information to other universities. The hours of operation are Monday through Thursday 8:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m., and Friday 8:00 a.m.- 12:00 p.m.


9. Intramurals
The Intramural Sports program serves the students of Brazosport College by providing opportunities to participate in various individual and team recreational activities, regardless of performance abilities. Intramural events include open gym times, tournaments, and trips to compete in the Gulf Coast Intercollegiate Consortium intramural events. 

Brazosport College wants to help you succeed in your educational effort by providing the following services: an open computer lab, online learning support, testing, and tech support.  We also offer access to office equipment, copier, laminator, and more. We are located adjacent to the Library. If you need assistance, please ask at the desk.



A vital learning resource, the Brazosport College Library contains over 70,000 books arranged according to the Library of Congress classification system, 1,330 audiovisual items, subscribes to 350 current periodicals, and over 75 full-text, on-line periodical databases. The library maintains extensive back files of periodicals in hardcopy, bound and microform formats. Also, newspapers from locations throughout Texas and the United States are available to patrons. The library’s resources, card catalog, and electronic databases may be accessed online. Brazosport College Library is an active participant in Texshare. The Library has 23 computer workstations and 14 laptops available for student use on a first-come, first-served basis. We also have six study rooms that are available by reservation only. All student ID cards are issued/updated in the library.

The Math Center offers free walk-in math tutoring in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. The math tutors will assist you in becoming a more confident, effective, and independent learner by enabling and encouraging you to do your own work through a collaborative and interactive process. At Brazosport College we strive to provide our students with all the tools they need to succeed!

13. Registrar Office
The Office of the Registrar can assist you with: Student academic actions including adding/dropping course sections; Verification of enrollment; Requests for official transcripts; Evaluation and articulation of transfer credits; and  Applying for Graduation . The registrar office also encourages you to contact one of our representatives with any questions regarding the admissions process, your application status or to learn more about all of the programs we offer at Brazosport College. 
14. Student Life
The Office of Student Life has a commitment to provide quality engagement opportunities to positively impact students’ success at Brazosport College. Engagement opportunities sponsored by Student Life include New Student Orientation, Welcome Week, monthly heritage celebrations, Gator Day, and many other campus activities and events. The Office of Student Life also provides support for all student organizations as well as intramural sporting activities.
For more information about Student Life events check out the Student Life calendar and connect with us on GatorSync.
The Student Mentor program is an important asset to student success. The mentors are paired with Learning Frameworks classes which consist of first-year college students, as well as, dual credit students. The mentor that is assigned to each class has most likely experienced the nervousness, anxiousness, and exciting feelings that you may have. Every mentor is, or was a student at Brazosport College, as some have moved on to a four year college. The programs main goal is to be a dependable person that the students can contact should they have questions. Please feel free to stop by and say hello. We are located by the Student Pavilion in Room J-110A. Our phone number is 979-230-3439.
16. Student Success Center (Tutoring)
The Student Success tutors will assist you in becoming a more confident, effective, and independent learner by enabling and encouraging you to do your own work through a collaborative and interactive process. At Brazosport College we strive to provide our students with all the tools they need to succeed! Our faculty, staff, tutors and SI leaders are here to help you with all of your academic needs. Math and English/Writing tutors are located on the second floor of the Main Building in the Student Success Center, E.200. For your convenience we also offer online tutoring .


Supplemental Instruction (SI) Program is an academic assistance program that utilizes peer-assisted study sessions and was introduced in the Spring semester of 2009. SI sessions are 3 or 4 weekly informal review sessions in which students compare notes, develop organizational tools, assemble essay questions, and predict test items. Reviews are usually done in a fun, relaxed environment with lots of games, informal quizzes with teacher and class specific  take-home hand-outs  that give students an idea of exactly how much they have retained and what they still need to focus on and that which they still don’t know!  Students learn how to integrate course content and study skills while working together. The sessions are facilitated by “SI Leaders”, students who have previously done well in the course and who attend both weekly class lectures alongside the current students, take notes, act as model students, and counsel with instructors weekly on what to target in the SI Sessions.
18. Veterans Services
Veterans Services facilitates your success by providing support, resources and information that meets your unique needs as a veteran and a student. This office serves students using VA educational assistance and the Exemption Program for Veterans and their Dependents (The Hazlewood Act). 
The writing center provides guidance in the brainstorming, organizing, MLA and APA format comprehension, improving mechanics, use of Microsoft Word, and techniques for becoming a stronger writer. We are located in the Student Success Center, E.200.

Community Resources

Brazoria County Health Department
Health Education; Immunizations; Lab Services; Flu Info; Clinical Services; STD & HIV-AIDS; Women/Infants/Children (WIC); Women's Health Services; TB Elimination and Control, etc.
Southern Brazoria County Transit
In addition to fixed route bus services, Southern Brazoria County Transit provides commuter service to Brazosport College, BRHS, & to the Social Security office. It also provides transportation services to rural communities, assists citizens in creating vanpools and rideshare programs, and provides demand-response curb-to-curb service for qualified individuals with a disability.
Workforce Solutions
Workforce Solutions provides comprehensive human resource services for businesses and residents of the 12-county region. The network of partners and providers offers a wide range of no-cost and low-cost opportunities for employers and job seekers. They offer recruitment services, job search assistance, training, child care support, educational initiatives, and much more.