Accelerate Your College Education

Earn your associate degree in a high-demand field one year after graduating high school. 

Developed in partnership with Angleton ISD, Brazosport ISD, Columbia Brazoria ISD, Sweeny ISD, and Brazosport College, the Catalyst program allows high school students to take a structured path in order to attain an associate degree in an in-demand field. Students who complete the program are ready to go straight into a high-skill, high-wage job, all within one year of graduating high school.

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Catalyst Process Operations Student

Chemical (Process) Technology

Chemical (Process) Technology students learn to control or operate entire chemical processes or system of machines.

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Catalyst Instrumentation Student


Instrument technicians design, install, repair and troubleshoot the instruments and control systems used in processing plants.

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Steps to Enrollment & Dual Credit Counselors

Angleton ISD

Heather Dodge
Dual Credit Counselor

BC: 979-230-3445
AHS: 979-864-8001

Brazosport ISD
Brazoswood H.S.

Lisa Fain
Dual Credit Counselor
BC: 979-230-3497
BISD: 979-730-7300
Ext. 11244

Brazosport ISD
Brazosport H.S.

Norma Rios
Dual Credit Counselor
BC: 979-230-3529
BISD: 979-730-7260
Ext. 12661

Columbia-Brazoria ISD

Savannah Anderson
Dual Credit Counselor
BC: 979-230-3661
CHS: 979-799-1720
Ext. 2025

Sweeny ISD

Savannah Anderson
Dual Credit Counselor

BC: 979-230-3661

SHS: 979-491-8106

 Submit the Catalyst Program Application

The Catalyst Application will open January 13th, 2022 at 8 AM.

1st pool application deadline: February 10th, 2022 at 10 PM.

2nd pool application deadline: March 22nd, 2022.

You must also complete the Apply Texas application. Complete your Apply Texas application now.

Required Essay Questions
The Catalyst Program application requires two essay questions with a minimum of 250 words each. You will be allowed to attach a document to your electronic application or type directly into the application.

 Submit Two (2) Letters of Recommendation

Students applying to participate in the Catalyst Program must submit two letters of recommendation electronically. At least one reference must be a Math or Science teacher with whom you have had a course. The second reference can be a coach and/or teacher who is familiar with your character and work ethic. 

The references you provide in your application will be automatically emailed a request to fill out the letter of recommendation form. If they do not receive an email, you may provide your references with the link above to access the form. Recommendation letters MUST be submitted by the application deadline to have a complete application. 

Students are required to submit:

 Submit an application through Apply Texas.

Please allow the admissions office 2 business days to receive and process your application. Once processed, you'll receive your BC ID, Username, and PIN Number to log into MyBC. You may complete the Catalyst Program Application before receiving your BC Student ID number.

What is MyBC?
MyBC is a student portal that allows you to view your college course schedule, check your financial aid status, view tuition and fee bill, and more.

 High School Transcripts

Learn more about submitting transcripts by visiting the admissions office website.

 Proof of Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination

Required for anyone under the age of 22 attending classes on Brazosport College campus.

 Dual Credit Forms

Dual credit forms may be obtained through your dual credit counselor. Students can find their counselor on the dual credit webpage. These will be submitted after applicants have been selected.

 Required Testing

Students will be required to take the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Assessment in Reading and Writing. Students must be deemed college-level ready to be admitted into the Catalyst Program.

Learn more about the TSI Assessment and testing dates.

✔ New Student Orientation Required for new students.

New Student Orientation with provide you with valuable information about Brazosport College as well as introduce you to college resources, culture, and polices. You may learn more about orientation by visiting the New Student Orientation page. 

Catalyst Students, selected for admission, will require to attend New Student Orientation prior to classes starting. At New Student Orientation, students will receive their BC Student ID Card, take a tour of the college, & learn more about the program.

✔ Register

Register for classes online through MyBC or on-campus.

Learn how to enroll using MyBC.

Paying for Classes

The Catalyst Program is a partnership between school districts & Brazosport College. Students accepted into Catalyst are entering into a three year cohort program. The participating school district will pay a Catalyst Student's tuition & fees while the student is in high school. They also provide college textbooks & transportation to/from Brazosport College. Brazosport College will pay tuition, fees, & textbooks for Catalyst Students in their third year. Students accepted to the Catalyst Program pay $0 toward tuition & fees. 

No financial aid is necessary; however, a FAFSA may be required.


Catalyst textbooks are provided & paid for by the school district during the student's high school junior and senior years. The College will provide Catalyst textbooks for Catalyst student's for their college freshman year. 

The textbooks will be waiting in class for the students on the first day of the semester. 

 BC ID Cards and IT Student Account Information

You may obtain your BC Student Picture ID in our campus library once you are registered for courses. More information about BC ID Cards and IT Student Account Information will be provided at Catalyst New Student Orientation. 

 Print Your Schedule

Make sure to have a print out of your schedule. You may request a print out from the cashier window with a photo ID or by accessing it through your MyBC.


Catalyst Program Flyer  //  Programa Catalyst Información