Strive to Drive

Strive2Drive Program Application for Credit

This application is to be completed by students who attended an event but did not receive credit for the attendance. If a college sponsored event was not designated as part of the Strive2Drive program, you may submit this application for consideration of credit. Strive2Drive points will be considered based on the intensity of effort involved with the activity and its connection to student success.

Strive2Drive Program Application for Credit Form

Strive2Drive Event Request

This form is to be completed to include an event in the Strive2Drive program. If approved, you will be responsible for tracking attendance with student names and ID numbers and submitting the attendance to the Office of Student Life. Please submit the request form at least 5 business days prior to your event.

Strive2Drive Event Request Form

Strive2Drive Sponsorship Information Request

Becoming a Strive2Drive Sponsor offers your business or organization the ability to support our mission of engaging students outside the classroom and ultimately increasing student success. With opportunities for branding at events and acknowledgement during programs, event sponsorship also provides a platform to enhance the visibility of your company within our community. Fill out the form to request more information.

Strive2Drive Sponsorship Information Request Form

Strive2Drive Incident Report

This form should be completed by event organizers/leaders who believe that a student has violated the Strive2Drive rules. The form should be submitted as soon as possible following the incident. The dispute process will be:

Strive2Drive Dispute Process

  • Incident report is made through the Strive2Drive Incident Report Form.
  • Report notification is sent to the Dean of Student Services.
  • The Dean of Student Services will contact the student involved to gather their information on the incident.
  • The Dean of Student Services will send all information gathered to the Strive2Drive Dispute Panel.
  • The Strive2Drive Dispute Panel will decide whether to grant or deny points to the student.
  • The Dean of Student Services will notify the student of outcome.
  • Once a decision is made, the Director of Student Life will be notified about the outcome in order to accurately compile event points.

Strive2Drive Incident Report Form

Strive2Drive Registration Form

This form contains the rules and collects registration information for the Strive2Drive incentive program.

Strive2Drive Registration Form

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