Top Flyte Volleyball Team Photo from 2018

The Opportunity:

Is an opportunity for area volleyball players to get together weekly at Brazosport College and play regulation volleyball at a skilled level. This will be for already skilled players as well as for up-and-coming players wanting to take their game to the next level through coaching, skill-improving drills, and play. Stronger players will encourage weaker ones and we will all improve rapidly together. Brazosport College is generously allowing us use of their gymnasium and equipment at no cost.

The Goals:

Students at Brazosport College are wanting to form a team to play at some informal G.C.I.C. tournaments in the Houston/Galveston area. Top Flyte Volleyball is conceived to help bring this student team up to competition level. They need to play with and against skilled players to achieve competition caliber. It’s also an opportunity for anyone who loves the game to come play the sport they love on a regulation court.

The Coach:

Faculty member Jerry James has taught thousands of students how to play volleyball and play it well.  Student teams from BC have done very well at tournaments for many years. Mr. James himself played competitively in the USVBA league for 10 years.  He learned to play volleyball while a student at Texas A&M and volleyball has been his favorite sport ever since. Each Tuesday evening he will oversee a combination of skill-improving drills and play. “The better your skills off the court – the better your play on the court. You reap what you sow.”

The Invitation:

Come to the college gym ready to play Tuesdays evenings starting at 6:30 p.m.  Invite your friends who are already skilled as well as those who would like to learn to play the game better.  The more skilled players that come - the higher the caliber of drills we can run and the higher the caliber of play we will enjoy on the court.  This invitation is extended to BC students, employees, and all players in the community.   


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Contact Us

Jerry James
Top Flyte Volleyball Coach

Dawn Southall
Health and Wellness Specialist

Alex Crouse
Director, Student Life

Angela Stapleton
AOS, Student Life 979-230-3519

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