About Health and Wellness

Your success as a student goes hand in hand with your health and wellness. We're here to help you get moving! With intramural sports, special events and programs, and a fully equipped Fitness Loft, we can help you maintain your physical fitness, as well as develop healthy habits and balanced behaviors.

Brazosport College Fitness Loft

Fitness Loft

Located on the second floor of J-Wing, across from IT, the Fitness Loft is staffed and equipped to support all of your personal health and wellness needs. Free for current students, faculty, staff and alumni, the Loft provides you access to fitness resources including one-on-on workout walk-throughs, eating style and food choice support, and more!

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Brazosport College Intramural Basketball


Whether you're a star athlete or a beginner, participating in intramural sports is a great way to get in the game and connect with others. Ultimate frisbee, basketball, volleyball, soccer and flag football are just a few of the sports offered at Brazosport College. We also provide both recreational and competitive sports opportunities, including GCIC Sports Day and Beach Day.

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Make Fit Happen Logo

BC Make Fit Happen Health Challenge

Make a commitment to get active and stay active with the support of others by joining BC Make Fit Happen Health Challenge. With 30, 40 and 180 mile endurance progressions that include strength and nutrition components, the challenge helps you achieve a healthy, active lifestyle each semester, with friendly accountability!

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Health and Wellness Mission Statement

In support of the College’s mission, the Health and Wellness Program supports student success by promoting student involvement in personal health initiatives and recreational activities for positive lifelong impact.

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If you have questions, or would like to learn more about how to get connected, let us know!

Alex Crouse
Director, Student Life

Angela Stapleton
AOS, Student Life

Dawn Southall
Health and Wellness Specialist, Student Life

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