What is New Student Orientation (NSO)?

New Student Orientation is an introduction to the resources and support systems available at Brazosport College, as well as, a way to build relationships with faculty, staff, and peers at BC.  New Student Orientation is comprised of Part A online module using the Comevo Management System and Part B an hour virtual session via Zoom.

Who is required to attend New Student Orientation (NSO)?

Students who have never taken college classes (at Brazosport College or any other college) are required to take the two-part New Student Orientation.  This includes all dual credit students and students earning a Certificate.

How many parts are there to New Student Orientation?

There are two parts to our BC New Student Orientation. Part A: Step 1 and Part B: Step 2

  1. Part A; Step 1-Comevo Online Module (1.5 hours uninterrupted)
  2. Part B: Step 2-Virtual New Student Orientation (1.5 hour interactive Zoom format) or Face-to-Face/In-Person New Student Orientation (2 hour session held at BC: includes a campus tour)

What should I know about my attendance and completing New Student Orientation?

Our systems monitor/track attendance, participation, and completion of modules and the virtual sessions. We also take attendance at each in-person session and virtual session to ensure proper credit is given. Students who fail to complete sessions as expected or fail to stay the entire session time will have holds placed on their accounts.

How do I complete New Student Orientation (NSO)?

Steps to Complete New Student Orientation:

  • Complete Part A: Step 1-New Gator Orientation Module using Comevo at: http://www.brazosport.edu/onlineorientation
  • Part B: Step 2-Register for a Virtual New Student Orientation via Zoom or an In-Person Session at BC upon successful completion of Part A: Step 1 in Comevo
  • Complete all surveys

What happens if I don’t complete the two-part New Student Orientation (NSO)?

Students who are required to attend New Student Orientation, but do not will have a hold placed on their account which will prevent them from registering for classes for the next semester. Holds will not be released until the two-parts have been completed.

What if I have problems registering for the New Student Orientation Sessions (NSO)?

If you have problems registering or have questions regarding NSO, please contact 979-230-3412 or email orientation@brazosport.edu.

Can parents or guests participate in New Student Orientation with their student (NSO)?

  • There are two parts to our NSO. Studentsshould complete their Online Comevo Module independently and take the quizzes following each module session.
  • Parents and family members may sit in with their student during our NSO virtual sessions to gain campus knowledge, however, this session will focus on the needs of the students.
  • Parents may also attend the In-Person/Face-to-Face Part B: Step 2 with their students. Parents will also be provided information regarding programs at BC.

What should I do before New Student Orientation (NSO)?

Part B: Step 2 (Zoom or In-Person) Students should register for their specific Virtual New Student Orientation and ensure that they receive the Zoom link one day before the session. Students should also download Zoom to their device prior to participating in the orientation. Students may also complete their Part B: Step 2 by attending our In-Person session at BC. Once registered, students will receive information about the date, time, and expectations

What if I arrive late to the Virtual New Student Orientation (VNSO)?

Students arriving late to an assigned virtual session of NSO will not be allowed to attend and will need to and re-register and attend a different orientation session. The Comevo online module is an independent session and can be completed at any time prior to the deadline.

How can parents and family participate in New Student Orientation (NSO)?

Our New Student Orientation department is in the process of developing a Parent and Family Orientation Module on Comevo. Once it is developed, parents and family members will have the opportunity to learn about BC and the services that we have to offer. We are also in the process of creating a page just for our parents and family members. Stay tuned!

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