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Completing BC Orientation Face-to-Face/In-Person and Zoom Opportunities: Part B-Step 2

Welcome to Brazosport College! Home of the Brazosport Gators! The New Student Orientation Page is here to provide you with information regarding our orientations, programs, and support systems specifically for our new students.

This section of our page will focus solely on our Face-to-Face/In-Person and Zoom opportunities, which are considered Part B-Step 2 of your journey of becoming a Brazosport College student. We are excited to offer opportunities to meet our new students face-to-face on the campus of BC!

We are excited to offer face-to-face/in-person New Student Orientation sessions as well as online opportunities using Zoom as our platform . We are able to offer our new BC summer and fall registrants and our returning BC students, who need orientation, New Student Orientation classes using our online Comevo module (Part A-Step 1) and a face-to-face/in-person or Zoom sessions (Part B-Step 2). Our Information Fair and In-Person sessions are held in Gator Hall on Tuesdays and Thursdays. During these sessions, our new students are able to meet staff members from several of our departments and engage in activities designed specifically with them in mind!

Our Information Fair and Face-to-Face sessions will begin April 26, 2022, and will conclude Thursday, September 8, 2022, for the fall semester.

It will be important to register as soon as possible for an In-Person or Zoom session due to our enrollment limitations and seating capacity. Completing your orientation at the beginning of your college career is a best practice and should be considered a priority for our new students. You will be able to register for Part B-Step 2 after successful completion of Part A-Step 1. Students will no longer be able to take the sessions in reverse order such as Part B then A.

The New Student Orientation for Brazosport College must be completed in two parts (Part A-Step 1 and Part B-Step 2). Part A, can be completed using the New Student Orientation online module Comevo.

Part B-Step 2 is the mandatory completion of a face-to-face/in-person or Zoom New Student Orientation. Our Information Fair and In-Person orientations are held at Brazosport College in the Gator Hall. Upon successful completion of Part A-Step 1, students must independently register for our In-Person Part B session using our online registration form found at the end of the Comevo session. It is extremely important that students register immediately after completing Part A to ensure that we can prepare an engaging experience for all our students and parents in attendance.

All in-person sessions will be held at BC and will be limited to the first eighty students who register online. All Zoom sessions will be held online and require a Zoom account. Our VNSO Zoom sessions will have a limit of 60 students per session. Waiting until the last minute to register, may cause you to miss out on your orientation selections and cause you to have holds placed on your registration account.

At the end of your Comevo Part A-Step 1 session, you will register for your in-person or Zoom orientation, you will receive an email confirming your registration prior to the actual session. Please print your confirmation or take a picture your screen to ensure documentation of registration. If you register for a Zoom session, you will receive your Zoom 24 hours prior to the actual session. If you do not receive confirmation after registration or the Zoom link prior to the session, please feel free to call our office.

We are also excited to offer an Information Fair on the day of our In-Person New Student Orientations. This Information Fair will be an opportunity to interact with students, faculty, and staff on our wonderful campus. On orientation day, please arrive 45 minutes early to have a chance to play games, win prizes, and see all the great programs that BC has to offer. Parents are welcome to attend, with their new student, and get an overview of college life at BC! We do ask that alternative arrangements be made for childcare so that students get the most out of orientation.

Face-to-Face/In-Person NSO and Zoom will introduce students to:

  • Student Support, campus policies, academic resources, specialty programs, and student life
  • Brazosport Police Department and safety and security
  • Financial services and ways to pay for college
  • Information on Academic Advising and support systems
  • Technology Information Systems used at BC
  • Campus life and a tour of our facilities

Part B-Step 2 Zoom Virtual Opportunities

Our New Student Orientations will also be offered as a Zoom Online Session on Saturdays, at 10:00 a.m., once a month. The Zoom Sessions will also be considered Part B-Step 2. You will have the opportunity to register for these Zoom sessions after successful completion of Part A-Step 1 which is the New Student Orientation online module.

Once you have registered for the online Zoom session, you will receive a registration confirmation email. 24 hours prior to the actual Zoom New Student Orientation Session, you will receive the Zoom link for your session. Please do not share this link with anyone.

Our Virtual Zoom registrations will be limited to the first 60 participants, so please review your calendars, and make your selection as soon as possible after successful completion of Part A-Step 1.

Our virtual sessions require a Zoom account to participate. If you select the Part B-Step 2 Zoom Saturday Session, please log-in early to ensure connectivity of internet and to establish the use of your Zoom account. If you have to log off early for some reason, you may not receive credit and will have to register for another virtual for face-to-face session. Please schedule one and one-half hours for your virtual session.

When you have completed your NSO Part A-Step 1 & Part B-Step 2 two-part orientation, please contact the Office of Student Life at 979-230-3412 for final verification. Our systems will also notify our office, and your holds will be released according to our completion records and verification of data.

Please contact us at or 979-230-3412, if you have any questions regarding our orientation process. Please continue to check our New Student Orientation webpage for updated information.

Contact Us

Angela Portis-Woodson, Ed.D.
New Student Orientation Coordinator

Alex Crouse
Director, Student Life

 Angela Stapleton
AOS, Student Life