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The BC Family Connection Vision

Connecting Students, Families, and Brazosport College together by empowering, guiding, and creating partnerships to support continuous student success.

Welcome to the BC Family Connection

Welcome to the BC Gator Family! This family page will be one of the ways to receive information about the parent and family college experiences at Brazosport College! Our Student Life and Student Services Departments will share information and updates, as well as, share support services offered at Brazosport College. Each department also has their individual website pages, which go in-depth about the services that are provided. We are here to assist you and your student in staying college connected and ensuring success in their educational journey! 

Brazosport College as well as colleges all over the United States continue to enhance services and provide support to students and family members. We hope that our BC Family Connection page will help you feel welcomed as a parent and family member.

BC Family Connection activities will be planned for the2022-2023 school year. These activities will focus on topics that support parental and family engagement. We also hope that it will provide answers to many of the questions that you might have.

We hope that you will participate in the activities that we have planned for students and families during the upcoming 2022-2023 school year.

Our New Student Orientations are held face-to-face and virtually using the Zoom platform. During our face-to-face sessions, we offer an opportunity to dialogue with family members. You are welcome to attend these sessions with your new Gator! Make sure that during online registration, your BC student lets us know that you will be in attendance. Please review our main website at for specific details regarding NSO and registration.

We hope to meet our students who are registering for spring and summer 2022-2023 classes during our BC New Student Orientation sessions.

Our parent and family involvement activities will be held in-person and virtually to meet the needs of our participants and schedules. We look forward to meeting you during some of our activities in the upcoming months.

Please continue to review the New Student Orientation, Student Life, and Student Services websites for updates on our programs and services.

On behalf of the offices of New Student Orientation and Student Life, we welcome you to BC!

Let’s stay connected!

Family is not an important thing. It's everything.” – Michael J. Fox

Top Tips for Gator Parents

The journey in becoming a parent of a college student can sometimes be a difficult transition. To support your BC Gator, we have created a few tips to support our BC parents. We are here to support our parents and family members. Please let us know how we can support you in the transition of having an independent young adult.

Top Tips for Gator Parents

1. Research Brazosport College.

Our BC New Student Orientation is a great place to find out about our campus, and what we have to offer. Our NSO was moved to a virtual format this year to support our students and families. BC New Student Orientation has two parts, an online module and a virtual session done via Zoom. Please ensure that your student completes both parts of the process, so that holds will not be placed on their enrollment status.

You can also visit the Brazosport College website to find out detailed information about the social, personal, and academic support systems that are provided for your student. Reach out using the phone numbers and email addresses provided on our website. New students and parents are encouraged to contact the Student Life Department, if they need any assistance.

2. Manage Your Time and Your Feelings During the College Process.

The application process, registration, and financial responsibilities can be stressful for parents and new students. Begin the planning process early, so that the transition for the family is easier. This will be an emotional period and will require a time commitment from students and parents. Make time to create a family calendar which will help make a smoother transition at every stage in the process. We are here for you! Please contact Student Life with any questions that you might have regarding the high school to college transition period.

3. Learn about ACE IT (Advise. Connect. Empower.)

Learn about our ACE IT Program and our ACE IT Coaches. Most new students attending BC will have an “academic advisor or ACE IT coach.”  Our advisers and coaches will support and guide your student on which classes to take, when to take them, and what extra-curricular activities are available. The systems in ACE IT provide a structured, consistent, and collaborative mentoring relationship. Students are coached to take responsibility for developing their education, career, and personal goals. This is a great opportunity!

Please encourage your student to regularly reach out to our coaches, advisors, and counselors for guidance while attending BC and take advantage of all of the resources that are available for their education!

4. Communicate with BC.

As a student at BC, each student is assigned a BCNET student account which allows them to access many of the different services that BC provides. (Examples: my BC student portal, student email, wi-fi, Library resources, and virtual campus/D2L)

Our college and our Professors also use email to communicate with students on a regular basis. All BC students should check their email accounts at least once a day. Encourage your student to reach out to their Professors use email or the department websites to communicate.

Our Information Technology department is able to provide many supports to our students while attending college at BC. IT is available by phone, live chat, and email. IT also uses the BC Alert System to communicate with the college community regarding threats of severe weather, hazardous materials, accidents, physical violence, and school closures. We also have a BC Mobile App. Our BC Alert System uses the number 979-230-3500 to send messages to students’ phones. It is important that our students listen to and act on any messages sent by BC alert.

5. Set-Up Family Communication Expectations Between the Student and Parent.

Due to FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act), students have rights over their shared information in college. Speak to your student before the registration process begins to determine communication lines between student, home, and school.

Students will be asked to complete a release of records in-order to share or disclose academic records with someone other than themselves. There are situations where students’ education records may be released without consent of the students, but certain conditions must be met prior to disclosure. Please visit the BC FERPA webpage for more information regarding the release of records.

Your student is becoming a young adult and most communication from our college will go directly to the student. As a parent, set up a plan of action with your student and check our website for BC updates. We want to make this transition as supportive as possible!

6. Allow Your New College Student to Lead the Way.

Try not to be too over protective of your new young adult. This is a time where new college students will become problem solvers and practice their skills of independence. Students should take the lead on managing their schedules, meeting deadlines, and balancing responsibilities. We also have services at BC to help guide our students in the right direction. Make sure that your student reaches out to the Career and Guidance Center, Counseling and Testing Services, Tutoring Center, and the Math/Writing Centers. Support them, point them in the right direction, and also allow them to make decisions. You’ve done a good job parents and guardians!  Now, let them lead.

7. Prepare a Family Financial Plan for College.

BC Financial Aid Department is a wonderful resource for you and your new college student. As you and your family begin to think about the expenses that will be incurred, it is important to plan ahead. Talking to your student about financial planning and receiving student loans is an important part of student preparation and responsibilities.

Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is an application that the Financial Aid Department will use to determine eligibility for aid such as grants, scholarships, and loans. This is application must be completed every year, and students should never pay to complete the FAFSA.

The Financial Aid Department, at BC, is ready to support you with your needs. Please contact their office or browse their website to find information on the types of aid available from federal, state, school, and private sources. They can help you determine which type of aid would be best for your family. They can also assist you with the application process and inform you of all of the deadlines for applying.

8. Stay Current and Up-to-Date With BC and US News.

Making sure that your student has completed the process for college and ensuring that they are on the right path can be a challenging process. To support your efforts to stay connected and informed, please follow our campus on Facebook and Twitter. Our campus posts important and up-to-date information regarding BC and various programs’ special events on these platforms.

You may have to seek out your own answers to some of the questions that you may have. Using our BC website and following all social media platforms is a great tool for getting answers to those questions. Students should also get connected using all of our social media platforms, the BC Toolkit, and continuously checking our website for campus updates. We are a college that takes pride in communicating!

9. Ask for Support.

We’re here to make your experience at Brazosport College a great one! Reach out to our Student Life and Student Services Departments for support and to make connections for the many services provided by BC. These departments offer many opportunities for our students to become involved, meet new people, and get involved in college life. If your student is interested in developing additional skills through leadership development, civic engagement, intercultural awareness, and personal development, have them contact Student Life.

The Student Services Department is the hub of all services offered for students at BC. There are many areas in this department which will assist you and your student during their educational journey. The Student Services website shares all of this information, as well as the Student Guide and Calendar for Brazosport College. It also hosts important information on Student Rights, Misconduct, Security, and Policies. We encourage you to stay engaged! Please make visiting this particular website a priority with your college student.

Transitioning from High School to Brazosport College

Transitioning from having a college student verses a high school student can be a challenge for some students and some families. We at Brazosport College want to serve as a resource and a partner during this transition. We would like for you to be integral part in your student’s success, so we have created a few tips to support your student’s transition to becoming an independent college student.

We look forward to supporting your family during this journey!

Download the Transitioning from High School to Brazosport College Guide

BC News and Updates

Keeping up with all of the campus activities and requirements can be vital to the life of a student and family members. Keep up with BC by using our Events and Academic Calendars.

Please join us for some of the activities scheduled and designed to provide opportunities for students and parents to connect.

Visit the main college events calendar

Please review our Brazosport College Catalog and Calendar to learn more about all of the events happening at BC. On this page, you will find calendars that are full of information about registration, exam schedules, payment deadlines and much more!

Visit the Brazosport College Catalog and Calendar

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