Report an Immediate Threat

Immediate threats should be reported by calling 911 or Brazosport College Safety at 979-230-3030

Report Suspicious or Criminal Activity

Suspicious or criminal behavior should be reported using Tip Share.

Report Sexual Misconduct

Sexual misconduct should be reported using the form located at this link.

Report a Violation of the Student Code of Conduct

Report a potential violation of the Brazosport College Standards of Student Conduct. Examples of these violations might be academic integrity, alcohol use, damaging or destroying property, or theft. A complete list of the standards of student conduct are available in the Student Guide and Calendar.

Report A CARE Concern

The Campus Assessment, Response and Evaluation Team, known as the CARE Team, is a group of staff members from various departments who meet regularly to assist students experiencing difficulty and to help ensure the safety of our campus.

Click here to submit a CARE Report regarding BC students.

Examples of these situations might be academic problems, unexplained absences from class, medical issues, behavioral or other psychological matters, threat to self or others, etc.

Alternately you can contact the CARE Team via email at

Members of the CARE Team are:

Jo Greathouse 979-230-3233
Arnold Ramirez 979-230-3235
Melissa Blanks 979-230-3552
Phil Robertson 979-230-3236 

Report Other Complaints or Grievances

Click here to report a complaint or grievance

Get In Touch

If you have any questions about which form you should use to report any incidents to the
Dean of Student Services Office
Please contact us: