To comply with applicable health codes and to reasonably accommodate the preference of all employees, students, and visitors.  This regulation applies to all Brazosport College employees, students and visitors at all College locations and will be influenced by local ordinances and codes, if any, as well as other pertinent factors.


Brazosport College (BC) prohibits the use of any tobacco product, electronic cigarette, or vapor device throughout all indoor areas and within a 15 foot perimeter around all facility entrances, exits and HVAC air intake vents under the control of BC and includes BC vehicles. Included in this ban are tobacco products of all types (including, but not limited to, cigarettes, cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco, snuff and all other kinds and forms of tobacco prepared in such a manner to be suitable for spit tobacco use, smoking, or both).   This ban also includes herbal tobacco products and simulated tobacco products that imitate or mimic tobacco products such as e-cigarettes, vapor cigarettes, pipes or other types of inhalation devices.


It is the shared responsibility of all employees to assist in maintaining a tobacco-free environment in and around all campus facilities.  Noncompliance by a student shall be handled by the Dean of Student Services in accordance with procedures outlined in the Student Code of Conduct in the Student Guide and Calendar.  Noncompliance by employees shall be addressed through their supervisory chain of command and may also enlist the Human Resources Office for assistance.  Noncompliance involving visitors shall be handled by the Dean of Students Services, or the Vice President, Administrative Services.