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Welcome to the Student Success Center!

Home of the Math and Writing Centers, Mentors and Learning Frameworks Faculty.

Please check out our online help that our Math Center, Supplemental Instruction and Writing Center provides.  The links are available below.

For Math Tutoring click here :  Math Tutoring

Math Center Tutor Coordinator:

For Writing Tutoring click here: English/Writing Center Tutoring

Writing Center Director:

The Student Success Center Mission Statement: 

In support of the College’s mission, the mission of the Student Success Center is to support student success. Through professional tutoring, providing access to appropriate learning and writing resources, workshops and seminars, the Student Success Center coordinates it efforts with other BC departments to ensure a comprehensive set of services for the purpose of preparing students for academic success and lifelong learning.

FREE TUTORING!! The Student Success Center at Brazosport College offers FREE TUTORING for enrolled BC students.  

At Brazosport College we strive to provide our students with all the tools they need to succeed! Our faculty, staff, tutors and SI leaders are here to help you with all of your academic needs. 

Math and English/Writing tutors are located on the second floor of the Main Building in the Student Success Center, E.200.

Supplemental Instruction Leaders (SI leaders) are located on the second floor of the Sadler Building in HS.224. For more information contact the SI Coordinator:

  • WALK-IN TUTORING isn't available for the Summer. Please click on the links to make an appointment for Math and Writing tutoring help.
  • TUTORING is available on most courses offered at Brazosport College.

For more information call the Student Success Center Main Desk at 979-230-3184.


Contact Us

Vivian Rodgers
Director, Student Success Center and
Learning Framework Faculty
Main Bldg. E.211

Rebecca Goins
Tutor Coordinator, Math Center
Main Bldg. E.204 

Jenni Jones 
Coordinator, Supplemental Instruction
Sadler Bldg. HS.225C
Dr. April Sikorski 
Director, Writing Center 
Main Bldg. E.221 

Karen Foster
Office Professional
Main Bldg., E.202

 FAX 979-230.3012

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