The mission of the Brazosport College Math Center is to build and maintain good mathematic fundamentals and facilitate self-motivated learning. We believe that mathematics comprehension can come at any age, that learning is a lifelong process.  Mathematics is the basis of good problem solving and logic, benefitting students in any workforce program. The Math Center at Brazosport College is committed to providing quality tutoring and encouragement to our students.

The BC Math Center is not just for people who are “bad at math.” Students of any level can enter the tutoring center and receive assistance in many different math related subjects. The Math Center frequently has on staff students that tutor Chemistry or Physics. Math related questions associated with any coursework are always welcome in the Math Center.

Students should expect to receive assistance with general questions, homework problems, and test reviews. When visiting the Math Center students should bring their textbook and class notes if possible. While Math Center tutors will not do the homework for the student, we can offer example problems and guidance in tackling difficult problems.

Faculty can expect to receive support for their students and themselves. The Math Center will work with individual faculty by providing integrated tutoring.  In addition to visits at the beginning of the semester that describe how the Math Center can help your students succeed, if available, we can provide embedded tutors who will attend class to stay current on your class material and facilitate study sessions specifically for that class, either before or after class time. Working with an embedded tutor offers you a window into your students’ comprehension regarding your assignments and class-concepts. This insight can help you decide what lessons and interventions to offer during class.

If you would like to discuss ways the Math Center can support existing mathematic instruction or help you interface with any of your courses, please contact the Tutor Coordinator of the Math Center.