Thank you for your interest in our tutoring program. Since the inception of the program in 1988, we have conducted thousands of successful tutoring sessions. The program has provided valuable assistance to numerous students, and based on the feedback we have received from tutors, the experience has been gratifying for all parties. Tutors report that their subject knowledge has deepened as their results of their work with students. Several of our current and former tutors have indicated that this experience has led them to pursue graduate school or various teaching fields. Students at Brazosport College have succeeded in their programs of study with the assistance of tutoring.

Before 2020, the majority of our students were served on a drop-in basis for most programs of study that involve mathematics, while sessions for some other programs were held by appointment only. Now, we are supporting students mostly on a by appointment online basis.  The program aims to be as flexible as possible in setting tutors’ work hours, but our primary focus is always to meet students’ needs.

Individuals who wish to become tutors for the Math Center must meet specific requirements. First, a prospective employee must demonstrate mastery of the discipline. Typically, an applicant must earn at least a “B” or higher in the relevant course to be a tutor. The Math Center drop-in schedule is flexible, as a tutor can easily work around a school or work schedule.  But it does help for an applicant to be willing to work evenings and/or Fridays.

Successful Tutors possess excellent interpersonal skills. They listen effectively, communicate clearly, and respond assertively. Our program emphasized the facilitation of active learning, not re-teaching course material.

Starting rate for tutors is $16.45 per hour.  Tutors can work up to maximum of 19 hours per week.  There is possibility for raises each year.

Tutor Responsibilities and Duties

Duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Provides individualized tutoring assistance to students offered by the Math Center
  • Visits instructors’ classes and/or meets with instructors during their office hours to determine appropriate tutoring strategies
  • Trains, mentors, and performs peer observations on new and current  Math Center Tutors in record-keeping protocols and various functions of the Math Center
  • Participates and assists in the organization of Math Center marketing, promotions, and events
  • Attends regular meetings and training related to the initiatives of the Math Center; training topics may include but not limited to:
    • Effective tutoring techniques
    • Course specific concepts
    • Soft Skills for the Workplace
  • Assists in organizing, creating, and presenting tutor training sessions/activities
  • Supports the Student Success initiatives for the department

Peer Tutor Application Requirements (Tutor is a Current Brazosport College Student)

  • Completely fill out the Math Center Application;
  • A minimum of three (3) references are required. Preferably, references should be current faculty recommendations.  Full names and complete email addresses are required for all references. References given should not be relatives.
  • Proof of mastery in subject wanting to tutor;
  • Submit application to Rebecca Goins, the Tutor Coordinator for the Math Center.

Professional Tutor Application Requirements (Tutor is NOT a Current Brazosport College Student)

The online application process requires you to:

  • Complete the online Math Tutor Application through Human Resources;
  • copy of your transcripts from all higher education institutions you have attended;
  • A minimum of five (5) references are required. References may include employment references or personal references. Full names and complete email addresses are required for all references. References given should not be relatives.
  • Proof of mastery in subject wanting to tutor.

Math Tutor Testimonials

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as a tutor at the Math Center and would like to thank you for the opportunity to work here.

I have learned a lot during my time as a math tutor. Some of which has been how to effectively explain complicated concepts to students new to the material as well as how to give students the confidence to excel in their classes. My strengthened communication skills will help me greatly as I move on in my career.

The Math Center has also been an excellent example of an efficiently run organization. The work the Math Center Coordinator has done to make the center run smoothly made my job very enjoyable. Being paired with veteran tutors when I started allowed me to observe effective tutoring strategies which helped me improve as a tutor at a quicker pace than I would have otherwise during my first two weeks. The monthly trainings the tutors receive also helped to strengthen all of the tutors' knowledge of math concepts and helped us develop effective tutoring methods. All of this together greatly improves the service the Math Center is able to provide to students who visit the center. I am confident that the Math Center will continue to grow and be a shining example to other colleges of how to create a center for quality math tutoring.

The opportunity to help the numerous students who have come through the Math Center doors will be something I will always remember and be appreciative of. I know they will all go on to accomplish great things. Thank you again for providing me with this opportunity."

-James B., 12.12.2019