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For Your Syllabus

As a supplement to in course instruction, tutoring can be an effective tool for you to be successful in your classes, and has been proven to help students raise their course grades and to overcome concept anxiety.  To get the most out of your tutoring experience, contact the Math Center today to see what services best fits your needs to succeed in this course, at absolutely no cost you!  Tutoring is FREE for all Brazosport College students.


Class Visit by a Math Center Tutor

Here is a video that can be added to a D2L course:  Math Center Basics (Coming Soon!)

Email Rebecca Goins to request a class visit.  Please indicate the following:
  • Whether the visit will be in class on campus or by joining an online class meeting
  • Date and time
  • Course

Math Center Basics Workshop Initiative

The Math Center Basics Workshop is intended to give students the experience of scheduling tutoring sessions through Tutor Matching Service, familiarizing themselves with our online tutoring platform, GoBoard, and allow the student to become comfortable with our Math Center tutors.

Workshop Agenda:

  • Before the Workshop:
  • During the Workshop:
    • Introductions
    • GoBoard Scavenger Hunt
    • What to Expect During a Tutoring Session
    • Discussion:  Pre-Activity Worksheet
  • After the Workshop:
    • Student can schedule tutoring sessions for their course
    • Instructor will receive a report from TutorTrac that the student attended the workshop
    • Instructor can give a grade, extra credit, etc., to the student for attending the workshop

Email Rebecca Goins to request your class participate in the Math Center Basics Workshop Initiative. 

Directions and Tutorials

Student Scheduling a Math Center Tutoring Session/Workshop
  • PDF
  • Video (Coming Soon!)


Embedded Tutor

An embedded tutor does the following:

  • Has all the expectations of a non-embedded tutor
  • Reports to Rebecca
  • Stay in contact with the instructor weekly (cc’s Rebecca on communications)
  • Reviews the course material
  • If on campus, attend the class meetings; if online and synchronous, attend the online classes; if online and asynchronous, attend class meeting hosted by the instructor
  • Provide study sessions for exams for that class through TMS/GoBoard (up to 4 students) or by Zoom
  • Add/update content from the course to our Math Center Resource D2L course (our virtual instructor binders) or (if on campus) our physical instructor binders in the MC workroom
  • If necessary, *help* with proctoring
  • Create a GroupMe group to stay in contact with students (both Rebecca and the instructor is invited to this group)

Things an embedded does NOT do:

  • Be an instructor’s assistant
  • Grade assignments, quizzes, exams, etc.
  • Create assignments, practice, reviews, exams, etc., for students
  • Provide materials for the class
  • Teach/Sub for an instructor
Email Rebecca Goins to request an Embedded Tutor.  Please indicate the following:
  • Course,
  • Whether online or on campus,
  • Day(s) and time(s) of class meetings,
  • Tutor, if one is preferred.