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College Exams and Assessment Resources

The Brazosport College Math Center can help you with the math portions of exams offered through the Brazosport College Assessment Center.  Tutors are available to give guidance on how to study for the exam and to help with learning concepts. 

If you have not taken the assessment, we suggest starting with the Math Center Algebra Modules working through the concepts, and coming to tutoring with specific questions.  Mathematics builds upon itself, so starting with the lower order concepts and working your way up gives you a chance to see where your math knowledge is at.  For more information on your exam, please see the information below.

You can book a tutoring session with a Math Center tutor through our Tutor Matching Service home page:  If you have not booked with TMS before, you can view the directions or tutorial above.  You will need to verify your BC student email to receive tutoring for free.



TSIA2 Math Test  This portion is made up of 20 questions and covers 4 content categories:

    • Quantitative Reasoning: Calculating ratios, proportions, and percentages, as well as identifying, manipulating, and interpreting linear equations and expressions,
    • Algebraic Reasoning: Solving equations (linear, quadratic, polynomial, exponential, rational, and radical), evaluating functions, and solving algebraic problems in context
    • Geometric and Spatial Reasoning: Converting units within measurement systems, solving geometric problems (perimeter, area, surface area, and volume), performing transformations, and applying right triangle trigonometry
    • Probabilistic and Statistical Reasoning: Classifying data, constructing appropriate representations of data, computing, and interpreting probability, and describing measures of center and spread of data

If you don’t meet the college readiness benchmark, you’ll be routed to the multiple-choice Mathematics Diagnostic Test. Take your time and answer each question to the best of your ability. This test provides you with a second opportunity to demonstrate your readiness in mathematics. The Mathematics Diagnostic Test is made up of 48 questions. There are 12 questions from each of the content categories listed above. 



If you have taken the assessment, the diagnostic is a great resource to use that can pinpoint specific concepts you need to refresh.  These concepts can be found on the Math Center Algebra Modules page.  A tutor can also guide you with this.

Remember, the TSIA2 is just a placement exam.  There is no pass or fail.  Knowing where your math knowledge is allows you to be placed in the correct course(s) so that you are not frustrated by not having a good foundation before taking higher level math courses and/or other courses that require higher level math knowledge.

High School Equivalency:  HiSET, GED

The Brazosport College Math Center can help you with the math portion of your HSE exam. 


GED Math Portion Mathematical Reasoning- 115 minutes (calculator available as needed-no personal calculators allowed)

HiSET Math Portion Mathematics (90 minutes) The Mathematics sub-test includes 50 multiple-choice questions and measures your mathematical knowledge and competencies. The questions present practical problems that require numerical operations, measurement, estimation, data interpretation, and logical thinking. You will need to know some formulas prior to testing, including distance-rate-time, Pythagorean Theorem, and quadratic formula. All calculators will be provided by the Testing Center. Please do not bring your own calculator to your test session.


HESI:  Nursing Entrance Exam

The Brazosport College Math Center can help you with the math portion of your HESI exam. 


HESI-PN (LVN) Math Portion Basic Math

HESI-Mobility (LVN to ADN) Math Portion - Dosage Calculations

HESI-ADN (RN) Math Portion Basic Math


Resource Sheets

Basic Math Review (Pearson Education)

Algebra Review: Properties (

Geometry: Shapes and Solids (

Basic Math Review from Pearson Education (6 pages)

Algebra: Translations

Quantitative Reasoning: Truth Tables and Logic 

Trigonometry: Laws and Identities (

Calculus: Derivatives and Limits (

          Calculus: Integrals            (

Graph Paper_Engineering (Color)(

Graph Paper_Engineering (BW)(

Graph Paper_Blank (Three Graphs)

List of Medical Abbreviations (Wikipedia)

College Success Tips and Tools

Spring 2021 Toolkit:  Student Resources for Success: 

The Spring 2021 Toolkit is a great resource for students to get information about academic support services, virtual events, food and emergency assistance, assistance with technology, getting connected online or in person and many other available resources. 

Online Learning:

Student success takes motivation, discipline, and communication. This is true no matter how you are taking a course, whether it be in a traditional classroom or on the Internet. Yet, taking a course on the Internet involves a brand new set of skills and knowledge you may not have experienced. This area was created to assist you in becoming familiar with what these skill sets are and understand how to apply them in order to become more successful in your online courses.

College Success:

Learning Frameworks is designed to introduce students to psychological theories of learning, cognition and motivation to serve as a conceptual basis for college-level student academic strategies. Activities are designed to help the student promote and apply newly learned study strategies and skills.

Learning and Study Tips and Tools: