Please read all information below regarding becoming a Writing Consultant PRIOR to taking the following steps. 

  1. Fill out the second page of the pre-application, gather your supporting materials, and submit all to Dr. April Sikorski. Upon review, an interview will be scheduled. 
  2. After your interview, if an offer is made and accepted, you will be provided an email containing the internal Human Resources job posting and application. 
  3. Carefully fill in the on-line application. Please list email addresses for each of your references and have them be on the lookout for an email from so they can respond promptly. 
  4. It will take time to processes your application, as each reference needs to respond before Human Resources will approve your application. Upon approval, Human Resources will notify the Writing Center Director, Dr. Sikorski - and she will reach out to you. 

April Sikorski, PhD
Writing Center Director
Office phone:  979-230-3174

What are a Writing Consultant’s responsibilities?

Writing Consultants are peer professionals responsible for facilitating one-on-one sessions that help students navigate myriad reading, writing, and speaking concerns.  The primary Writing Consultant responsibilities include:

  • Staffing the Writing Center during your scheduled hours
  • Creating and reviewing Writing Center resources
  • Facilitating one-on-one sessions addressing reading, writing, and speaking concerns 
  • Participating in Staff Development Activities, including:
    • Completing online training modules that establish the philosophy and practices of the BCWC,
    • Twice-monthly staff meetings (Fridays 12-2),
    • Individual Meetings with Writing Center Director,
    • Observing and being observed by seasoned Writing Consultants
    • Additional workshops you choose to best fit your skill development needs.
  • Additional administrative responsibilities.

The BCWC offers several Leadership Roles, and all consultants are welcome to apprentice into these roles after they have completed their initial training (observations and online modules). 

What are the outcomes of being a Writing Consultant?

The Writing Consultant position is a paid, professional opportunity ideally for student leaders who want to:

  • Help peer students develop study skills.
  • Build rapport with instructors.
  • Develop skills as a facilitator of learning.
  • Prepare to become a teacher, prepare for graduate school, or prepare for examinations.

Minimum General Qualifications:

  • You do NOT need to be a current Brazosport College student to become a Writing Consultant.
  • Meet the following GPA conditions:
    • Must have an existing BC minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.
    • Must have earned B grades (or higher) in ENGL1301.
  • Must be able to complete all staff development responsibilities, including attending Writing Center training workshops twice monthly from 12-2 on Fridays.
  • Must be friendly and enjoy working with people.