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Feel free to share this video in your D2L class and/or show it during your blended classes to introduce students to the Writing Center support:

Feel free to include the blurb below in your syllabus and/or in D2L:

The Brazosport College Writing Center (BC WC) can help you with any writing, speaking, or reading assignment for this class and others. The BC WC offers one-on-one sessions with trained, professional writing consultants both in person and synchronously online. BC WC Consultants will work with you in real-time to help you understand your reading, brainstorm topics for an assignment, develop ideas, maintain your focus, establish a clear structure, and so much more. We are open from 8am-8pm MTWR and 8am-12pm F. If you're visiting us in person, you can schedule a 25 minute or 55 minute session. If you're visiting us online, your visit must be 55minutes, to allow you and your consultant time to communicate via chat and manage technological difficulties. You may schedule an appointment for a face-to-face or online session by visiting the Schedule an Appointment page. 


  • Online Tutoring-Writing is our normal Whiteboard session, which is best for folks who prefer text-based chat. Whiteboard sessions are ideal for getting feedback on a draft. 
  • Online Tutoring-ZOOM is our Zoom-assisted session, which is best for folks who prefer speech to text. Zoom sessions are ideal for brainstorming, reading, and speech sessions.

Online appointment hours are 8am-8pm MTWR and 8am-12pm on Friday. All sessions are 55 minutes long, and they can be scheduled up to two hours in advance. This means, you can schedule a couple weeks ahead of time or on the same day, provided we have consultants available.

As part of the BC WC's commitment to writing across the curriculum, we can offer you a number of writing resources and help you: 

Faculty are welcome to meet with the Director and Writing Consultants to talk about a range of writing issues. The BC WC invites you to schedule a classroom visit or workshop.

Our consultants can offer you and your students support both in and out of class by:

  • helping facilitate peer-review workshops,
  • working with students during sessions in the computer labs.


  • providing workshops dealing with research, MLA/APA format, developing proofreading skills, effective reading, and many more. Contact the Director for more information (april.sikorski@brazosport.edu).

Help us help your students:

We maintain electronic and hard copy records of syllabi and assignments for all classes here at BC. These materials help understand your goals and expectations, so we can best help the writers who visit. Please help us keep our records current by:

If you'd like to learn more about the philosophy behind the BC WC procedures and practices, please take a look at our  Mission  and Tutoring Philosophy & Procedures ( student version and  faculty version).