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11 November 2016
Equity and Student Success

The theme of the 2016 Gulf Coast Student Success Conference is Equity and Student Success.

During his 2012 Achieving the Dream presentation talk about equity, David Dodson, President of MDC, stated that equity was at the heart of student success. According to Dodson, students have different needs based on their lives and educational experiences; therefore, students need different levels of support in order to be successful. Equity, Dodson contents, is not the same as equality. Equality means everyone is treated the same; equity, on the other hand, suggests we triage situations based on the needs of the individuals with whom we are working. Ultimately, Dodson refers to equity as “fairness with rigor.” An equitable system is one that offers students what they need to level the playing field and smooth out the road between them and their goals.

This year’s Gulf Coast Student Success Conference seeks to investigate the role of equity in our student success, tutoring, and SI programs and practices. We would like to encourage participants to address the following questions:

  • What is the role of equity in tutoring and SI programs/practices?

  • How does your program and/or your work as a tutor/SI leader address inequity at your institution?

  • How do the ways we serve students break down and/or build up barriers to student success?
  • What policies and/or practices do we implement in our centers that level (and/or un-level) the field?

  • How do we prevent structural inequalities in our tutoring and SI programs/practices?

Presentations may address any issue of interest outside of the theme, but preference will be given to proposals dealing with the issue of equity and student success. Break-out sessions will be populated with 50 minute presentations in one of these four presentation strands:

  • Math Tutoring

  • Writing Tutoring

  • Supplemental Instruction

  • Student Mentors

In keeping with our mission, the GCSSC provides a forum for tutors, SI leaders, and student mentors to share their practices, research, difficulties, and successes. While the GCSSC welcomes faculty, directors, coordinators, and administrators to attend, we prefer that they act as Chairs, Moderators, and/or Co-presenters with their tutors and student support staff.

 Individual and/or Panel presentations are acceptable.

The deadline for proposal submission is
Monday, October 3rd at 11:59pm.

How to submit your proposal

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