Writing Center Faculty Support

The BCWC is committed to supporting students and faculty. We offer support for faculty in these ways:

  1. Short classroom visits designed to introduce students to the writing center and discuss how we can support their work in your class.
  2. Consultant support for in-class writing and peer review.
  3. Workshops that support faculty teaching offered in collaboration with the EDC.
  4. One-on-one support for your reading, writing, and speaking tasks.

For more information or to request support, please reach out to us at writingcenter@brazosport.edu

In you’d like to let your students know about the Writing Center, we have crafted a syllabus statement that faculty can use:

Syllabus Statement

The Brazosport College Writing Center (BCWC) can help you with any writing, speaking, or reading assignment for this class and others. The BCWC offers one-on-one sessions with trained, professional writing consultants both in person and synchronously online. BCWC Consultants will work with you in real-time to help you understand your reading, brainstorm topics for an assignment, develop ideas, maintain your focus, establish a clear structure, and whatever else you need. We are open from 9am-7pm MTWR and 9am-12pm F. If you're visiting us in person, you can schedule a 25 minute or 55 minute session. If you're visiting us online, your session must be 55 minutes, to allow you and your consultant time to communicate via chat and manage technological difficulties. You may schedule an appointment for a face-to-face or online session by visiting the Schedule an Appointment page: Brazosport.edu/writingcenterschedule.

How to Talk to Students About the Writing Center

Here are few suggestions for talking to students about the writing center:

  • Mirror our language. We use the term consultant to refer to our trained peer and professional, and we call our writing sessions consultations. These terms foreground the collaboration that happens in our Center, and it helps to remove consultants from the stigmas that they may associate with needing or seeing help.
  • Discuss the Writing Center Reflection. We offer all students a reflection document to help them think about what they learned in our consultations. Students compose answers to the reflection questions, and consultants sign-off on these reflections. These documents provide you an opportunity to see what your students learn in the BCWC. You can require whatever level of specificity you’d like from students and use these reflections to evaluate what your student did and what they learned in the BCWC.
  • Encourage all students to visit the Writing Center. We believe that all writers need readers. The BCWC is not only a place where struggling writers can find support. We are also a space where experienced writers can find growth. Discuss your own experience with readers and collaborating to show your students how you benefit from feedback.
  • Remind students throughout the semester that we are here to support them. If you would like to invite us back for another class visit, reach out to us at writingcenter@brazosport.edu. We would be happy to discuss how folks can best use the BCWC to support your current assignment.