When you visit the Writing Center you will enter through the Student Success Center (E.200), past the front desk, and to the Writing Center (E.220). When you enter the Writing Center, sign in at the kiosk by the door, and let one of the tutors know what you’d like to work on.  

To get the best help, visit the Writing Center as soon as you get an assignment.  You can visit the Writing Center for help with any assignment that involves communication, whether it's a reading, writing, speaking, or presentation project. We can help you plan your reading, research, outlining, brainstorming, drafting, and revising around your professor’s schedule.  If you can’t come right away, you should visit at least 72 hours (3 days) before your paper is due.  No matter when you come, be sure to bring these things with you:

  1. Your assignment and any rubrics or grading criteria, so we can be sure you are addressing your professor’s expectations.
  2. Your syllabus & course schedule, so we can help you with planning and time management.
  3. Your textbook and/or any readings you need for this assignment, so we can use these materials as a reference.  Brining your readings will help your tutor gain a fuller context for what you are writing about.  
We have manuals, handbooks, and references that you can utilize while in the Writing Center, but the best information is what you bring with you from class. 
You can use the Writing Center computers to work on your writing before or after you work with a tutor, and, as long as you meet with a tutor, you can print for free!

Come and check us out; we have free candy!

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