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Requesting Transcripts

Brazosport College uses a third-party system called Parchment for official transcript ordering. By clicking the ordering link below, you acknowledge you have read and understand the following:

A transcript is a certified official copy of your permanent academic record. There is currently no charge for official Brazosport College Transcripts. If we identify duplicate orders to the same physical/email address, Brazosport College may cancel these orders to ensure timely and accurate processing. Students must clear holds on their records before the Office of Admissions and Registrar’s Office will process the order.

  • Hold of Grades– will delay the delivery until the end of the current term after all of your grades have been posted. Grades are posted approximately 2-5 business days after the end of term.
  • Hold for Degree– used only for students in their final term before degree completion (diploma issuance). This option will delay the delivery until the end of the current term after all your grades have been posted and degree statement placed on your transcript. It takes approximately 30-45 business days once grades are posted.
  • Third Party Order (TPO) - Third Party Ordering allows third party requestors (an employer, an institution you plan to attend, background verification agencies, etc.) to order transcripts for you, permitted they receive consent from the student. TPO orders must be paid by the requestor.

View steps to requesting a transcript on Parchment's website: Ordering Transcripts

Note: Other institutions may not accept a transcript that has been issued directly to the Student unless it is in a sealed envelope. If you send a transcript to yourself, do not open it if you plan to send it to someone else who has requested an official copy.

Order your Brazosport College Transcript

(Delivery methods: secure email PDF, SPEEDE/EDI Electronic Delivery with partner schools, mailed copies)

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