Financial Aid Disbursement Dates

All grants, loans and scholarships are available for a student’s tuition, fees, and bookstore charges when their financial aid file is complete and the awards have been posted to their Brazosport College account. The amount of financial aid a student receives is based on their enrollment status, and awards will be adjusted accordingly. A course’s eligibility for financial aid purposes is based on its start date, i.e. a Fall flex entry or Spring flex entry course will not be included in a student’s enrollment status until that particular course begins. Therefore, a student’s enrollment status can change throughout the 16 week semester and their grants will be adjusted accordingly. Students who fail to establish eligibility (do not begin attendance in each class or do not attend classes through the official count day) will have their financial assistance reduced or cancelled. Students who completely withdraw before 60% of the semester is completed may also have their aid reduced.

All financial aid awards will first be applied to the balance due Brazosport College before being issued to the student. Financial aid balances will be disbursed to the student’s designated direct deposit account or the student's MyBC ID Card. Students who have not designated a direct deposit account or have not received a MyBC ID Card will have a limited time to pick up a check in the Cashier's Office before it will be mailed to the address on record with Brazosport College.

Please allow 24-48 hours for your direct disbursement to process to your account.

All Financial Aid will be disbursed according to the following schedule: 

February 4, 2020 - Spring I (8 week) loans, grants & scholarships will be disbursed

February 12, 2020 – Spring (16 week) loans, grants & scholarships will be disbursed

April 6, 2020 – Spring II (8 week) loans, grants & scholarships will be disbursed

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