Refund Delivery Choice

Why does this matter?

If you are expecting a refund from Brazosport College, it is important that you make your decision of how you would like to receive your funds.

What type of refund could I receive?

If you are eligible for Financial Aid, you may receive a refund for amounts that exceed your tuition and fee expenses. Other ways you may receive a payment from your school include dropping a class prior to the refund deadline or over payments.

What are my options?

You can choose to use your existing checking account or a College Green student checking account offered by Herring Bank - Member FDIC.

Go to MyBC to make your choice today!

*Note that you are not required to use any particular financial institution. You are able to make changes on how you would like to receive your funds at any time by updating your designation in MyBC.

Refund Options

1)  On-Campus Refunds

Cash or credit card refunds are available at the Cashier’s Office.  Cash refunds are available beginning the first day of classes through the ORD.  Credit card refunds are available from the date of payment through the ORD.
  •  Bring the receipt issued at the time of payment
  •  Bring the credit card that was used for initial payment
  •  Bring a photo ID such as a “myBC” card or Driver’s License
*Students who paid for tuition and fees by check, on campus or online, should wait 10 business days to allow their check to clear normal banking channels before coming to the Business Office Cashier Window for a refund.
2)  Direct Deposit
Students who do not pick up their refund on-campus will have their refunds processed via direct deposit or check.  We offer two options for receiving a quick and efficient refund by direct deposit. 
Visit the myBC student portal to make a refund choice selection. You can choose to have money transferred to an existing account or select the checking account offered by Herring Bank. 

a) Direct Deposit to an existing bank account:

  • Log on to myBC
o    The system will generate an email to the email address on file with instructions to complete the process.
b) College Green Debit Card:
Brazosport College and Herring Bank have teamed up to offer you a student checking account that can be used for financial aid refunds with a College Green Debit Card. The College Green Debit Card allows you to open an optional checking account that offers free access to Herring Bank ATMs and over 55,000 Allpoint ATMs nationwide. You will also be able to make no-fee purchases at merchant locations that accept MasterCard signature or pin-based transactions. It’s the easy way to access cash and make purchases on and off campus.
  • A Herring Bank College checking account offers you:

    • No Monthly Service Charge
    • Free Online Banking and Mobile App
    • Mobile Check Deposits
    • Text or Email Alerts
    • Free rewards program with debit card purchases (enrollment required)

    A Debit Card will be mailed to your designated address and will arrive 7-14 business days once your refund choice has been completed.

Brazosport College Contractual Agreement with Financial Payments

Herring Bank Student Accountholder Cost Disclosure

3)  Check

Students who do not designate a direct deposit account, either to an existing account or by selecting the College Green Debit Card checking account offered by Herring Bank, will be mailed a check to the address on record with Brazosport College.


Please consult the Cashier's Office with any questions you may have about refund percentages and/or installment plans BEFORE dropping or withdrawing from classes.  

Refund Dates   100%       70%     25%     0%       

Fall (16 week) 2022

4/4/22 - 9/14/229/15/22 - 9/19/229/20/22 - 9/26/22


Fall I (8 week) 20224/4/22 - 9/6/229/7/22 - 9/8/229/9/22 - 9/12/22


Fall II (8 week) 2022

4/4/22 - 10/31/2211/1/22 - 11/2/2211/3/22 - 11/4/22


Winter Mini (3 week) 2022

4/4/22 - 12/16/221/3/20231/4/2023


Spring (16 week) 2023

10/31/22 - 2/1/232/2/23 - 2/6/232/7/23 - 2/13/23


Spring I (8 week) 2023

10/31/22 - 1/24/231/25/23 - 1/26/231/27/23 - 1/30/23


Spring II (8 week) 2023

10/31/22 - 3/27/233/28/23 - 3/29/233/30/23 - 3/31/23


May Mini (4 week) 2023

10/31/22 - 5/15/235/16/20235/17/2023


Refund Schedule for Flex Entry Courses

Drops and Withdrawals

Length of Class Term in WeeksLast day for 70 percent refundLast day for 25 percent refund
2 or less2n/a
16 or longer1520
Figure: 19 TAC §21.5(a)(2)(B)

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