2022 1098-T forms can be accessed at www.1098tforms.com.

Forms that are not accessed electronically will be mailed the last week of January.

Instructions for accessing your 1098-T

Click here for additional information from the IRS concerning Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund and Emergency Financial Aid Grants under the CARES Act.

2017 Change in Method of Reporting 1098-T data

The Internal Revenue Service has requested for the last couple of years that institutions change their method of reporting from “Amounts Billed” to “Payments Received”.  Therefore, Brazosport College changed our method of reporting beginning with the 2017 calendar year.

This change will affect Spring 2017 eligible tuition and fee reporting.  These amounts could be reported on the 2016 1098-T as well as the 2017 1098-T.  If the student enrolled in the Fall of 2016, those charges would have been reported on the 2016 1098-T as Amounts Billed.  If the same student paid those eligible tuition and fees in early 2017, those Payments Received will be reported on the 2017 1098-T.  This change is marked on the 1098-T in Box 3 for 2017.

To access your 2017, 2018, 2019, or 2020 1098-T, click on www.1098tforms.com.

For years prior to 2017:

To receive a copy of your 1098-T for years prior to 2017, please email Stacy Lallman at stacy.lallman@brazosport.edu.

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