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Commonly Requested Forms

Looking for a form to complete your Financial Aid file? Below you'll find a list of commonly requested forms. Please complete, sign, print and return the forms to our office as soon as possible. Remember: The sooner we can clear up any problems with your financial aid file, the sooner we can process your applications.

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Maintaining Eligibility

Receiving financial aid (federal, state, and institutional) is contingent on you staying eligible. Maintaining eligibility may include demonstrating academic progress, meeting enrollment criteria, and more depending on the type of aid you wish to receive.

Federal Funds (Title IV Financial Aid)

In order to receive Federal Funds (sometimes referred to as Title IV aid), such as Pell Grants or Federal Loans, you must meet basic eligibility criteria. Remember, this criteria will continue to apply throughout the time you’re receiving aid—not just when you first fill out the FAFSA form and are awarded aid.

Learn More about Eligibility Requirements for Federal Aid

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy

You'll need to make satisfactory academic progress in order to continue receiving federal and state student aid. In other words, you have to make good enough grades, and complete enough classes (credits, hours, etc.), to keep receiving aid. At Brazosport College, our SAP Policy applies to all federal and state aid.

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Scholarships vary in requirements depending on the organization providing the funds. Some are based on academic merit while others could be talent, or a particular area of study. To learn more about what may be required for your scholarship, make sure to check out the scholarships page.

Financial Aid Book Advance

Financial aid grants and loans may be available to assist with books and supplies in the College Bookstore. If you would like to request your financial aid funds (grants or loans) in advance to purchase your books and supplies outside of the college bookstore, an OPT-OUT option will be available during the bookstore charges period dates.

Learn more about purchasing books with Financial Aid Funds

Student Responsibilities

There are some legal responsibilities you must follow when accepting aid to pay for your education. We've laid out what you need to know in order to be successful and ensure you receive the aid you need.

Review Rights and Responsibilities of Aid Recipients

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about your financial aid package? We can help! Check out our frequently asked questions section to review everything from where to see your aid information on myBC to locations on-campus you can receive assistance filling out your FAFSA.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions

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